Monthly Archives: September 2010

On Meaning

I am aware that I am constantly at work on my choices, especially the big one, my constant re-choosing to be the person I have decided to be. To do otherwise would lead me into insecurity, discontinuity, a major loss of identity. Choosing and re-choosing is my stability and home base. Each day I am […]

The Motive for Vulnerability

If you search the terms, “vulnerable leadership” or “vulnerable leader,” you will find some good articles, such as those here, here, and

Art, Self-Knowledge and Leadership

For many years I have been interested in the connections people make regarding their leadership when they get out of their verbal capacities and tap their non-verbal ones. With the permission of a past client (she’s reviewed this post), I share the image below. When I asked her one day what art she included in […]

How I Feel About Surveys

I was reminded this morning in a conversation with a friend of an employee survey I had some contact with many years ago. The setting was a big Federal agency with a local budget over a billion dollars. They had conducted the survey in the previous month and the results had just come out. Like […]