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The Path Called I Am

There is a point of learning, a process of “turning the corner” that is evident after receiving negative feedback. For some, defensive reactions wall out learning, but for others who are willing to step forward — something not necessarily very easy — connection, learning and growth open a way to renewal. How does this positive […]

Seventh Practice: Personal Integrity

For more context on this posting, please see: The Practice of Leadership Eight Leadership Practices First Practice: Knowing Your Leadership Edge Second Practice: Developing Your Comfort Level with Feedback Third Practice: Caring for Self Fourth Practice: Leadership and Influence Fifth Practice: Discussing Undiscussables Sixth Practice: On Collaborating Eighth Practice: Spiritual Perspective The world, these days, […]


In the tradition of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, an azumaya is a waiting room or arbor, where a person may quietly contemplate and enjoy a view of the surrounding garden before entering the ceremony. Traditionally, an azumaya is an open affair, no walls, in order to let in the light and breezes and surrounding energy. […]