Monthly Archives: March 2011

Broken World

Because I cannot think about it I keep thinking about it. The endless shaking beneath my feet, all foundations broken, turned to powder. In the street the screams and too soon the quick dirty wave, immense as the cold kingdom in which the earth itself drifts. So many hearts snapped shut at once and then […]

On the Cave of the Intrapersonal

We seem to be more aware than ever that success in business, as in life, requires self-awareness. Self-awareness offers us the advantages of understanding our own thinking and biases, gives us greater capacity for emotional regulation, and a deeper appreciation for our values. “Emotional intelligence” is only one the latest products of a long history […]

The Hump as Teacher

It is what we have to get over. It means facing and overcoming an obstacle of some kind, usually involving some kind of action that feels uncomfortable or strenuous in some way. Often, it comes at the beginning of a project. “I just need to get over the hump of getting started, then I’ll be […]

On Expectations

What we know is that our expectations of one another strongly influence whether or not we feel connected or distant in a working relationship. One stream of logic around giving and receiving feedback, especially of the “performance” kind, is that it always makes sense to first clarify and express those expectations — especially hidden or […]