Monthly Archives: April 2011

Not On Your Life

It has been great in the last few days to get back into writing here. I have been so intensely involved in putting up the “Reaching Out to Build Trust” pages at that this blog has been all too neglected this spring. Thanks to all of you who have forwarded comments and feedback about […]

On “Identity Theft”

In a vivid dream I was lost in a foreign city. I didn’t speak the language and, although I had my phone with me, I didn’t know who to call. There seemed to be some sort of civil war going on and for a few minutes I was trapped in a building with gunfire only […]

Wisdom Games

At the moment I am staying overnight at the Whidbey Institute here in Washington State, a retreat facility hidden away in the woods an hour or so from Seattle. It is late dusk, and a light spring rain is falling over the darkening forest that surrounds the place. Deer, like shadows, walk the lawns under […]