Monthly Archives: May 2011

Spring Fever

The weather here is (finally) good enough for a touch of Spring Fever, and so I am reminded of childhood. My older brother and I grew up on twelve acres of land, half forested, half in fields and orchard. At this time of the year he and I would spend much of our time in […]

LeadersWork Coaching Program

This is a quick commercial announcement for a structured leadership coaching program I’ve named LeadersWork. As in, the most essential work of any leader must be continuous personal growth and learning. The program and format have been very successful in helping people address central questions about their own leadership quickly and effectively. If you are […]

The Problem with Optimism

I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile. It’s not at all that I think pessimism, or pessimism’s disguised cousin, cynicism, are good things. Nor is this about rose-covered glasses, per se. It’s actually about the more important topic of truly feeling that you can be yourself with others and don’t have to pretend […]

Say Their Silence

Rosa Say has said it better than anybody this week regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden. In a beautiful, moving post titled, “Hello? These are your values speaking,” she recommends a process of reflection to answer the internal questions we might have about our own private reactions to the event. photo by Like […]