Monthly Archives: June 2011

On Finding Confidence

When it comes to confidence, no one has an answer that works for everyone. For some the issue becomes being more self-compassionate. Others may see it as a deeper access to faith. Some may need to explore the many psychological things that have happened to them that created negative conditioning — aka their voices of […]

How to Offer Hope

The other day a friend told me about an organization in which those who are considered star performers are explicitly nurtured, those who are considered average are recognized as doing good work, and those who are not doing so well receive no feedback at all. This is a planned, official strategy, thought-out and based on […]

Eighth Practice: Spiritual Perspective

For more context on this posting, please see: The Practice of Leadership Eight Leadership Practices First Practice: Knowing Your Leadership Edge Second Practice: Developing Your Comfort Level with Feedback Third Practice: Caring for Self Fourth Practice: Leadership and Influence Fifth Practice: Discussing Undiscussables Sixth Practice: On Collaborating Seventh Practice: Personal Integrity Although spirituality is less […]