Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Third Journey of Leadership

The first journey of leadership is about confidence and achievement. It involves understanding and applying personal gifts, consciously and unconsciously. The first journey establishes a unique worldly contribution and results in the strength of personal pride. The second journey is about tipping over the edge into the darkness of blind spots, from overuse of strengths […]

What is “Wholeness”?

This is a term that is often thrown around to describe a goal of individual growth and development, and so it shows up in wellness, psychological, and spiritual literature. But what does it mean, really, and how does it apply in terms of readiness to lead others? One way to look at this is that […]

In the Mountains

My two most preferred intelligences, according to Howard Gardner’s model, are intrapersonal (self-reflective inner search) and naturalistic (appreciation and learning from natural forms). This means that when I want or need to think in creative ways, I like to look for wisdom both through my inner experiences and in places of outward natural beauty. This […]