Monthly Archives: November 2011

Wounded Society

So much already has been written about the shocking events at Penn State, often with justifiably deep outrage. I, too, want to wail. There are, after all, so many kinds of victims: • the children • the families • the students • the players • the fans • the community • the country • all […]

There. Manage by That.

Recently, Chris Grams over at the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX) sent out a group report on using “communities of passion” to help achieve MIX’s stated goal — reinvent management. It’s a great report and a great project, and I encourage you take a few moments to look over the findings and discoveries. In responding to […]

Learning at the Edge

After conducting some training last week in Phoenix, I went up to the Grand Canyon with my wife for a couple of days of R & R. The weather was perfect, cool mornings warmed gradually by the intense autumn light, and the Canyon did what it has always done for me: grant a sense of […]