Monthly Archives: December 2011


I was moved, recently, by an electronic card I received celebrating the solstice: well-wishes and an image of apples still hanging from a leafless tree; snow falling at dusk; a somber but not heavy light. Source Unknown It’s good to know that behind the human hubbub of this season, old cycles continue. In a world […]

On Personal Power

Recently, I announced a two-day workshop I will facilitate in March, 2012 called, “The Arc: Living the Full Story of Your Personal Power.” (If you would like to know more about the workshop, please download the brochure at this link). I am excited by the model I will introduce and the format of the event […]

The Politics of Professional Despair

Recently I have found myself in conversations with good people slipping into a kind of professional despair. This seemed to be the contradicting underside of the public face they need to exhibit. They have learned to keep silent and pretend a certain optimism in order to maintain position or stature — while privately leaking despair […]