Monthly Archives: March 2012

An Ultimate Kind of Creativity

Daisaku Ikeda is a Buddhist teacher. The quotation from him in the epigraph, found here, deeply inspires me. I urge you to read the statement from which the quotation comes in full, so here it is: The Creative Spirit by Daisaku Ikeda The times when I have most intensely felt and experienced the inner reality […]

Of Eagles

I am not so wise as to know what wisdom is, and pretending only calls up its opposite, folly. A couple of years ago I was crossing one of the floating bridges that spans Lake Washington, here near Seattle. You can see the bridge in the image below. I was driving east — in the […]

For My Mother

Jane Hedwig Stahmer Oestreich 12/5/1911 — 3/5/2012 A memory: light sweeps around our lovely wooden house and I on stilts tramp my circuit with wooden feet. I balance each corner’s turn, pass the shadows where once the coal was kept, and climb a hill of lilacs toward our sunlit kitchen. Within the house you smiled […]