Monthly Archives: July 2012

What do I want?

What do I want? That’s almost as powerful a question as “Who am I?” For when we don’t express what we want in a true and heart-felt way — first and foremost to ourselves — we lose a vital part of our joy in being exactly who we are. Ironically, in a society that over-values […]

The Tyranny of Being Right

It’s such an easy thing to fall into: the desire, the need, to be right. It creates huge divides between us, drives us to say and do things that cause others to either disengage or retaliate. Later, we may console ourselves with the satisfaction of winning but it’s pretty much a cold dinner left on […]

The Sea

Recently I was in Puerto Rico for a couple of weeks. It is a magical and beautiful place. This is my favorite photograph of the trip, taken near Rincon on the western end of the island. Click it for a larger rendition. You might wonder how this image could be a favorite — it is […]

Leading Is Not About Authority

People who lead well never really do so out of authority, but out of their innate capacity for higher order skills — their ability to articulate a vision or a stand for something important, for example; or their ability to touch peoples’ hearts, or their capacity to interrupt assumptions in a way that is genuine […]