Monthly Archives: August 2012

Water and Stone

How much of our life is the product of water and stone? If you think of water, say, as consciousness, you can notice then how it flows against the stone of old ideas and beliefs. You can try to hold onto that stone, that solid rock, but the stone gradually will be smoothed and worn […]

Things I Might Have Said

We all do it. Those after-the-conversation fantasies about what we could have said or should have said during the exchange. For some reason, one of those times has come up for me lately, one that involved a presentation I did years ago for a CEO peer learning team, a small group of top executives who […]

When Will I Be Seen?

For many years I’ve been interested in “conditioning,” the process by which a person adopts beliefs, values, and patterns of thought. Conditioning represents automatic and unconscious learning that enables a child to fit with his or her family and community. Conditioning has its downsides. We pick up views of others and especially of ourselves that […]