Monthly Archives: October 2012

Response of the Chief Culture Officer

Yesterday, I wrote a post titled, “Letter to the Chief Culture Officer.” It was mostly a poem written by an imaginary person voicing the pain of the below-the-water-line organization, an organization that has just hired someone into the new role of CCO. Please take a look if you haven’t read yesterday’s post. Today, I want […]

Letter to the Chief Culture Officer

An emerging trend seems to be hiring someone to operate as a company’s “Chief Culture Officer.” You can find out a bit more about the concept of a CCO here, here, and here. As I thought about this new role, I imagined a member of a company, part of some division, writing to a new […]

On Leaving Things Out

Some years ago as my Friday ended, I walked into a VP’s office intending to simply wish him a good weekend. After a few pleasantries, we fell into a more serious conversation about one of his direct reports, who I’ll call Ted. Ted had was perhaps the most technically knowledgeable about certain aspects of the […]

The Quiet Room

A few apples still cling to a tree outside the window where I am writing — which happens to be a public library. The apples that swing in the top branches are like my wandering thoughts on this last day of September. I keep getting distracted by them. In the distance, every so often I […]