Monthly Archives: January 2013

Little Behavior, Big Impact

I’m always amazed at how we make meaning out of others’ behaviors — even, and maybe especially, the little stuff. I worked with a manager once who had a bad habit of not completing email threads. You know, that last confirming “Thanks, I’ll see you then,” or “Okay, I’ve got the document. I’ll take a […]

How to Lose Your Control Issues

Losing your issues with control is different than “losing control” — although in the beginning it may easily feel that way. The fact is learning to lose your control issues can be done in a gradual and more or less controlled way, by making your fears of its loss more conscious and therefore more amenable […]

Demons and Angels

In a world of proffered quick fixes — do these four things, take on these five steps — all honor goes to the leader who ignores superficial wisdom and takes on the real task, the inner demon, the one that has been there all along. This demon, of course, is some aspect of self, and […]