Monthly Archives: March 2013

A Speculum of Fire

In a fast paced world, it’s easy to forget that developing your leadership is a long-term journey, not a short-term project. Organizations still do want to put people through programs that demonstrate immediate, measurable, most often short-term results. But the inner story of a person’s growth is not a one-pager, or even a short-story, it’s […]

Leadership’s Secret Heart

When I worked in Human Resources a million years ago, I privately wondered from time to time when I would be asked for my opinion of what we were doing and how we were doing it. I had the sense that there was a new world, an entirely different world out there, one where people […]

Why Talk About Leadership?

After reading Steven Denning’s article, “The Surprising Reasons Why America Lost Its Ability To Compete,” based on his reactions to a Harvard study, my first thought was about the need to discuss leadership. Please take a look at the article and study for yourself if you are able. The gist of Denning’s piece is that […]

Liberating Beauty

What is it that most people don’t “get” about leadership? This is actually not an easy question to answer. Not so much because different people don’t get different things, but because the essence is truly hard to name. It’s not reducible, I don’t believe, to a sense of personal responsibility or self-awareness or humility or […]