Monthly Archives: May 2013

Memorial Day Prayer

Until the human race figures out how to stand up beyond war, some will go for the rest of us, standing up for us as best they can and then lying down in peace upon the hill. Let the memories of so many souls, so good and true, be deeply honored and remind us of […]

Do You Know What Your Leadership Journey Is?

Phrases like “leadership journey” and “leadership path” frequently are thrown around. We may have an intuitive sense of what they mean as code for the story of our own personal growth. But if someone asked you directly, what is that story for you, could you be articulate? There is so much jargon, so many “round […]

A Drop of Water

In a world fraught with conflicts and problems of all kinds, I must see and think for myself. The Buddhist view is that if a person reflects in just this thorough way, he or she will discover at bottom that no such personal self exists…a moment of Enlightenment. Well, I am in no place to […]