Monthly Archives: June 2013

Lessons in Snow

Lately, I’ve begun to think about the culture of organizations a little differently than I used to. I once believed a medium or large size organization striving to induce a major shift in the way things are done would have to do a great deal of analytical work, then set up and administer rather large, […]

Leadership Fault Lines

“Fault lines” are the places in relationships and workplace cultures where misunderstandings most easily surface. The term “fault” has two meanings here. A fault line, geologically speaking, is a weak spot, a place where larger tectonic plates collide. In organizations, the fault lines are often drawn between formal functions, departments, or work units, between separate […]

Song of Childhood

We all have things that trigger memories of childhood. One of mine is the song of the Swainson’s Thrush. It reminds me of the woods behind the house where I grew up, and especially of summer evenings when the cool air filled with the scents of the forest drifted out across our backyard. High up, […]

Can You Forget Yourself?

Can you forget yourself, even for a moment? As a leader, someone responsible for accomplishing some larger purpose, do you know how? So many aspects of leadership seem to depend on it — true listening, for example, so that you can genuinely empathize, hearing with openness rather than closed expectations of what another will say. […]