Monthly Archives: July 2013

Two Types of Leadership Action

In a recent conversation with an executive I found myself explaining the difference between what I spontaneously called “Type I” and “Type II” leadership action. Type I is when a leader inquires informally about the experience of people, say over a cup of coffee or part of hall talk, welcomes a genuinely open exchange, learns […]

Between Stories

Last weekend I went on a hike up near Mt. Rainier here in Washington State. I headed for a fire lookout built in the 1930’s, no longer in formal use, but a good destination for a clear summer day. After an hour or so, I rounded a corner in the trail and looked forward across […]

Plenty of Time to be Real

We all struggle with illusions. A manager decides her boss does not truly understand the demands being placed on her team. The boss tells her he does see the overload for her and asks that she evaluate the situation carefully; then formally request whatever kind of help she believes is needed. But she perceives this […]