Monthly Archives: January 2014

Why I Don’t Speak Corporate-Speak

There is pressure in my consulting profession to present the work we do as a service to organizations. This is tricky. Who pays the bills after all? Just yesterday someone asked me how I could write the way I do, with language that is “real” but distinctly not corporate, business-oriented prose, and still find work […]

A Visit to the Dentist

I went to a periodontist to have a tooth removed. It was clear I was entering a business. There were multiple indications, mostly communicated via legal forms denying me recourse if the doctor screwed up, and several other forms focused on the money I’d owe if insurance didn’t pay. The place was cool and efficient. […]

The Loneliness of Children

I am fascinated by the ways in which people can offer each other support. I include in support expressions of care and reassurance, deep listening and validating another’s subjective experience, but I also include hard-to-hear feedback, meaningful but challenging questions, and even silence — if that silence conveys confidence in the other person’s capacity to […]