Monthly Archives: March 2014

An Old, Universal Idea

Getting out of our own way is the biggest challenge. Whether we struggle with hubris or shame (or some of each), the challenge is waking up to what transcends our personal beliefs and mindsets, our collective conditioning, our inner and outer cultures that like mist on a window obscure our view of what’s real. Putting […]

On Negative Ego

An elderly man I once knew — and now probably long dead — used to complain bitterly about all the people with negative ego. I never really understood what he meant by the term, as it seemed to derive from some of the esoteric and cultish literature he frequently read. It felt far afield of […]

History of the Heart

Recently, Louise Altman encouraged me to write about the notion that “we know what we were by what is showing up today,” a throw-away line I left in a comment to one of her beautiful posts on The Intentional Workplace blog. Her inspiring article, about living with permanent uncertainty, evokes the dilemmas we collectively and […]