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It’s usually around 3 AM when the dream begins. It is the middle of the night, both inside and outside the dream, and I am again being chased by Nazis. The dream has many variations. In a few there’s a distinct figure of power that captures me and from whom I must escape, but in […]

Relationships — Reciprocity and Conflict

Let’s say there is a scale of effective relating — it goes from high trust and collaboration at one pole to destructive hostility at the other. In between there are some intermediary points, so that we get something like the following. Please click on the graph to make it larger. What the graph displays is […]

On the Discrediting of People

The central means by which informal power is maintained in an organization is all too often through the discrediting and exclusion of people. This creates a tight circle of control and a culture based on generalized performance anxiety, competitions, fixed mindsets, and fears of scarcity. Because it’s “culture,” these factors tend to be felt — […]