No I haven’t giv­en up on blog­ging. Just tak­ing a break and incred­i­bly busy with clients and with life.

Love and light to you all…


  • Hey friend, a ping in my feed read­er just made me smile. 🙂

    Great to hear this. You had bet­ter be enjoy­ing yourself. 


  • Glad to see you in blog-o-sphere, Dan. Hope all is well. 


  • Whew! I was smil­ing along with Nick and Dean, feeds are so great that way, giv­ing us some com­fort­able space so we don’t pres­sure each oth­er, but let­ting us know when we can say hel­lo again! 

    Your archives are so rich Dan, and your time away is ours to catch up with them too, so be well in your busy-ness and take the time you need for you.
    Alo­ha kaua e, ~Rosa

  • Hi Dan! anoth­er cheer here for feed readers!

    I too am glad to see you pop your head out, and am send­ing you warm hugs and sum­mer­time wish­es. love, Christy

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