Being in the Desert II

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Here is the fore­go­ing post as a slideshow with nar­ra­tion. You can select the “HD” set­ting for bet­ter res­o­lu­tion in full screen, but it’s not right yet — the full screen image should be crisp — and I have a tick­et in with Word­Press Sup­port. How­ev­er, for now, this ver­sion (via the “Down­load Video” link under “Share”) seems to pro­vide the best res­o­lu­tion. I hope you enjoy it and would appre­ci­ate your comments.

[Updat­ed July 21, 2010. Per Chuck Cray­tor’s sug­ges­tion in the com­ments, I have added music for intro, out­ro and some tran­si­tions. The song is “Car­ry Me Away” by Govi, which you can find here. Although, as you can read from the first link, Gov­i’s music is eclec­tic, it also so hap­pens that I was on the free­way between Albu­querque and San­ta Fe when I first heard one of his songs, and so I asso­ciate his music with the mys­ti­cal qual­i­ties of the New Mex­i­co land­scape. I do find New Mex­i­co a spir­i­tu­al space, per­haps because of the strong light, broad sky, and rich col­ors of the earth — and places like Aco­ma that are acces­si­ble at one lev­el but also inten­tion­al­ly car­ry a pro­found and pri­vate Native Amer­i­can pres­ence. I am deeply aware of the temp­ta­tion to try to find in such places and tra­di­tions, no mat­ter how you might oth­er­wise think about them and how many “sou­venirs” you endeav­or to take away, some­thing that can only be found within.]

Window, Pot, and Truck

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  • Dan, you have a very good read­ing voice. It would be very inter­est­ing if you added music as a back­ground to your voice and pho­tos. Music would add emo­tion, har­mo­ny and depth.

  • Thanks so much for the feed­back, Chuck. I total­ly agree that the “emo­tion, har­mo­ny, and depth” aspects are vital to where I’m going. Best to you.

  • Going to the desert to “find our­selves” is a great idea. I’ve gone many times to Sedona (not quite in the desert) and med­i­tat­ed at the base of Bell Rock and found answers to the ques­tions that were caus­ing me dif­fi­cul­ty. So I cer­tain­ly res­onate with this post.

  • Bob, thanks for stop­ping by — it is always good to know there are oth­er seek­ers out there for whom the phys­i­cal desert is a pow­er­ful place. It cer­tain­ly is for me. There is anoth­er desert, too, the prod­uct of the reces­sion, and I want­ed to ref­er­ence through this post that oth­er kind of empti­ness and dif­fer­ent form of treasure.

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