Being in the Desert II

Here is the foregoing post as a slideshow with narration. You can select the “HD” setting for better resolution in full screen, but it’s not right yet — the full screen image should be crisp — and I have a ticket in with WordPress Support. However, for now, this version (via the “Download Video” link under “Share”) seems to provide the best resolution. I hope you enjoy it and would appreciate your comments.

[Updated July 21, 2010. Per Chuck Craytor’s suggestion in the comments, I have added music for intro, outro and some transitions. The song is “Carry Me Away” by Govi, which you can find here. Although, as you can read from the first link, Govi’s music is eclectic, it also so happens that I was on the freeway between Albuquerque and Santa Fe when I first heard one of his songs, and so I associate his music with the mystical qualities of the New Mexico landscape. I do find New Mexico a spiritual space, perhaps because of the strong light, broad sky, and rich colors of the earth — and places like Acoma that are accessible at one level but also intentionally carry a profound and private Native American presence. I am deeply aware of the temptation to try to find in such places and traditions, no matter how you might otherwise think about them and how many “souvenirs” you endeavor to take away, something that can only be found within.]

Window, Pot, and Truck

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  • Dan, you have a very good reading voice. It would be very interesting if you added music as a background to your voice and photos. Music would add emotion, harmony and depth.

  • Thanks so much for the feedback, Chuck. I totally agree that the “emotion, harmony, and depth” aspects are vital to where I’m going. Best to you.

  • Going to the desert to “find ourselves” is a great idea. I’ve gone many times to Sedona (not quite in the desert) and meditated at the base of Bell Rock and found answers to the questions that were causing me difficulty. So I certainly resonate with this post.

  • Bob, thanks for stopping by — it is always good to know there are other seekers out there for whom the physical desert is a powerful place. It certainly is for me. There is another desert, too, the product of the recession, and I wanted to reference through this post that other kind of emptiness and different form of treasure.

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