Struggling to Find the Heart

struggling to find the heart
many focusing on darkness won’t see
won’t wait for a tiny bud of light won’t see
how it gathers to itself shattering
the whole huge black pearl at once
how the sky explodes petal
upon irreducible petal a mandala
becomes a world a mirror a self

yet if just a few of us notice over time how
a makeshift center unfolds a perfect star
we then can tell and tell and the rare blossom then
is the whole of us and no one abandoned
reaches all hands both outward and inward and
our reflected being breathes itself together

into us this lovely most uncertain space this
universe and race our circles finally
themselves coming to consciousness
a grace only to see exactly what is
and the surrounding garden that holds us
so firm our living stem this us
having come so far and been so beautifully formed
from such unimaginable deeps

my god, who could possibly have known?

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