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I am very happy to announce that the Team Trust Survey — a free tool I have previously offered leaders and their teams to help with their trust building work — now has its own website: The survey enables people to talk about their relationships, goals, and team environment within a structured framework. The tool includes suggestions for how to enhance relationships no matter where a team finds itself on the continuum from challenged and mistrustful to being an extraordinary model for high trust and high performance.

Leaders and teams in all organizations are free to download the survey for their non-commercial use. Consultants, facilitators, trainers and coaches can include the survey in their toolkit by becoming a registered user and paying a one-time, reasonable fee.

The website showcases three video tutorials that make it easy to understand the survey and how it works. They cover:

• how to take and score the survey

• how to interpret the results and design a trust enhancement effort

• how to introduce the survey to a team as a platform for group development.

The survey itself has also been refined and I have included additional resources (FAQ’s, theory page, comment page) on the website.

Since I first announced the survey almost three years ago, it has been downloaded several thousand times through this site and the very kind volunteer promotional work of Ultimate Software. I can only offer my appreciation and gratitude! (And a link to one of their entertaining ads.)

I hope you all will use and enjoy the new site.


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