A Blessing from Leslie LeMieux

A few posts back, I mentioned a powerful question that marks the transition into truly transparent leadership: “What is my gift to mankind?” I want to introduce you to someone who is making such a gift to mankind through her exquisite talents as a psychic. If you are reacting to the term, “psychic,” please check the voices in your head. Ask them to step back and make just a little room for Being. I, too, once knew those voices well, but they have departed from me.

Leslie LeMieux is real and she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Her contribution to human healing goes far beyond anything I have previously experienced. She is a profound, compassionate, highly intelligent guide and portal to other dimensions. So please, for a moment, allow a different form of presence to come near. Consider, if you will, how little we understand, really, of this 3D, cause-and-effect world, of the whole picture behind it, of the true extent of nature and of ourselves. I know that if you are a lover of higher things, as I am, you will understand Leslie right away.

I met her a few months ago through the suggestion of a friend. And given the sublime insights she has offered me, it was a no-brainer for me to ask her to bless my website, this blog. Today she emailed me her blessing.

I am grateful to you, Leslie, for your inspiring words; how you are able to speak to us and for us at the same time. I am grateful for all the energies that now touch those who happen to arrive here, most hopefully a place where cyberspace and spirit space can graciously combine.


A Blessing

When I look into your site, I feel a gateway to my Soul opening. The beauty of your images pulls me deep into the inhale and then lifts me out, seemingly suspended on the breath of wonder that floats, anticipating more.

Another breath takes me to hear the melody of your words and the singing heightens me to the ecstatic, flooding softly to the full nature of joy. And the sirens call, and speak to me of humility and gratitude, and the spiral takes me upward to become awake, to become consciously aware.

I AM the light that awakens your Spirit and your genius,
I AM the breath that breathes life to ignite your passion and projects,
I AM the tune, the tones and resound of your existence,
I AM the spectrum of colors that modulates your world.
I AM the circle, I AM the square,
I AM the triangle with all its angles,
I AM the spiral of life, that spins the wheel, gently as she goes.
I encourage your awareness,
I move through the rapture,
I forgive the unforgiven and welcome you home.

You bring people the feeling of the more. Your movement and exploration precipitates a stretching to the truer Self and the more real. Wondering possibilities–a spark of light in mid air. Are we the light or simply a reflection? Are you the light or a reflection of me? Can the magic explode within us to become the more that we are? I look forward to the explosions here, Dan, as your gateway calls out for the many to gather, to discuss, to awaken and the whispers speak of remembering and coming home.

I honor your gifts. I honor your presence and generous nature. It is you who have blessed me and so many you connect with. May you stand as an attractor for expansion and growth. May the Universe present her bounty to all who engage here. May we be open to the receiving, as well as the doing. May blessings abound and the miraculous inspire.

Thank you for including me, Dan. I appreciate you.


Well, folks, we just got blessed by a miraculous spirit. Thank you, Leslie, from my heart for all the love and light you have sent our way.

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