What is Self-Knowledge?

It is knowledge of my own conditioning – literally understanding everything that prevents me from total freedom; everything that is based on fear; everthing that is past in me; everything that causes me to behave in ways that I know at the core are destructive to self and/or others (destructive to the human spirit in one way or another); everything that prevents me from choosing and doing what is right; everything that causes me or others to suffer.

And it is everything that I can do that will enhance the possibilities for others in their own free and natural spiritual and psychological unfolding. To see these things is the beginning of freedom. A leader who is free creates freedom and possibilities for genuine community. In genuine community is true abundance. The rest follows….

rose for self-knowledge

I have a personality in order to unlearn it; to pour out that conditioning so that fresh water/air/light may come in. And I must do it. It cannot be given to me. If it is, I have joined a cult, and the cult is no better than the leader of the cult. If I let in the leader’s conditioning as a requirement of joining; then I become the leader – and the leader’s shadow.

Self-knowledge is also my gifts; gifts that came with me into this world to be expressed, utilized, channeled into being for the good of the world.

Self-knowledge is the grace of not having to understand everything; it is mystery; the receiving of help and love from sources deeper/higher than what is human; it is living the goal of the human spirit, not just touching that spirit itself.

Self-knowledge is the mysterious core of meaning in life.


  • That is beautifully said and right and true. Self-knowledge has a purpose. It makes us better people. It clears out of the way the things that come between us and others so that we can connect with them. And that makes everything that we can imagine possible.

  • You are back. YAAAAAYYY!

  • Anonymous wrote:

    Without doubt the truth lays artfully in your last sentence, for the core of life is really yourself, whoever you are, or sadly who you “think” you are. Witness to the conditioning of my personality and the societal and institutional patterns as well, I am still watching myself as I uncover and intersect with the person I am trying to find in myself. It is always hard to decide ultimately who we are as an individual, when I ask a dear friend who hasn’t gotten there yet, she asnwers simply “I am first and last name.” This simplicity in itself seems to point directly at the position I take in our wild world, not enough people are being taught that there is something deeper in the self and life than the material world which we wake up in every day.

    As you talked of the pouring out, the emptying of the conditioned self I was soulfully reminded of the Vision Quest. A ritualistic manner which guides the young adult towards the light of self discovery. Put outside of society, left to survive in the world of its natural essence, just maybe the you begin to see the emptiness swallowing yourself up. I went out alone on a three day fast, with the Rites of Passage program, and I witnessed a vehicle that emptied me of everything that I was. And in the beauty of that emptiness I began to witness for the first time in my short life the vast infinity that is LIFE, call it God even, if you want.

    To stay with leadership I will not forget to remind us that we are all the leaders of our own lives. Self-knowledge may be the most priceless commodity in an age where everything has a price. To be in the process of journying towards the self is the soul’s path, but by beginning to be aware of the journey we are able to take quantum leaps towards creating love and beauty in our lives. True leadership must be by default only an extension of one who is the truest leader of his or her own life, and in sharing this art with others can help guide and be an example that life itself is just greatness waiting to be discovered, if only we knew how.

    Why don’t we? I often sadly ponder this question alone, or with few others who’s life path accepts the greater reality that “self-knowledge is the mysterious core of meaning in life.”

    I couldn’t agree more Dan!

  • Self-knowlege is very powerful. If one knows how to apply, it benefits themself and others. It is very beautiful.

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