Memorial Day Prayer


Until the human race figures out how to stand up beyond war,
some will go for the rest of us, standing up for us as best they can
and then lying down in peace upon the hill.
Let the memories of so many souls, so good and true,

be deeply honored and remind us of how short the time
to be good and true ourselves, according to our separate destinies
as persons and as nations; according to the perilous demands
of doing right things and the brief, precious gifts of our work and our love.

Let us keep the door flung wide to welcome remembrance, sunlight
such as the world has never seen, finding a vision and birthing
a noble truth beyond the combat between us and in us —
because we have finally learned the last meaning of their sacrifice.

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  • Beautiful prayer Dan!

    Your words made me weep.
    Your words made me smile.
    Your words filled me with hope.

    Today I give appreciation
    I send appreciation to those who need it.
    I let it go and hope it finds it way to those who need to feel valued.

    Today I feel love.

    I send love to those who need it.
    I let go and I hope it finds its home where love is needed.

    Today I feel compassion.

    I send compassion to those who need it.
    I let it go and hope it finds its home within those who have sacrificed on our behalf.

    Today I feel gratefulness.

    I send gratitude to those who need it.
    I let go and hope it finds its way to those who need to be recognized.

    Today I feel peace.

    I send peace to those who need it.
    I let go and hope it finds its way to those who struggle.

    Today I feel love, compassion, gratitude and peace.

    My memorial weekend is spent honoring those who have sacrificed for my freedom.

    Lead with Heart
    Lead From within

  • So lovely, Lolly.

    Thank you so much for leaving a heart-felt prayer of your own.

    Perhaps others, reading it, might leave their own thoughts and prayers, too. This can be a place for many prayers.

    Again, my great appreciation to you.


  • Dan,
    Your poem is a beautiful prayer. I loved the wish: “Let the door be flung open with the noble truth … to take us beyond combat with each other.”

    If people could see that there is no shortage and live in the truth of abundance — collaborate instead of compete — we could turn your prayer into a reality.

    Wonderful timing for this beautiful poem.

    Heartfelt thanks,

  • Hoda Maalouf (@MaaHoda) wrote:

    Thank You Dan for this beautiful poem!!

    Kindly, let me share with you this Corel Drawing of mine. It’s a self-portrait that I did many years back. Civil war started in my country when I was 10 years old. I moved to the UK at the age of 25 while the war still raging. It affected me so badly,that I hate to even think about it.

    Remembering people who died for a noble reason or were victims of other people hatred; and, working toward World Peace are sacred to me!


    War Zone by Hoda Maalouf

  • Kate —

    “The truth of abundance…” Yes, it is so true, and it could be if our actions were sourced in a genuinely collaborative spirit.

    Thank you so much for sharing here…It’s I who should offer the heart-felt thanks.

    All the best

  • Hoda —

    What an amazing portrait, with eyes that explain so clearly the devastations of war. Thank you for this incredible, deeply touching gift to grace this post. You help us all see into the reason why we must all work for the ultimate peace.

    Great gratitude to you, Hoda~

  • My tears are filled with love, respect, humility and gratitude.
    Let them flow and cause remembrance of sacrifice.
    Let them be renewal of thankfulness.
    Let my emotions be honest and pure.
    May I be deserving.
    May my indebtedness abound with grateful actions.
    Let them flow.
    Let them honor.
    ~ Ernest Sjö

  • Wow, simply stunning, Ernest. Thank you for blessing this post with your words. This poem/prayer overflows its banks!

    Best to you

  • Ernest,

    I agree with Dan and more.

    Truly stunning words.

    I honor you!
    I am grateful for your profound way of expressing your heart.


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