Memorial Day Prayer


Until the human race fig­ures out how to stand up beyond war,
some will go for the rest of us, stand­ing up for us as best they can
and then lying down in peace upon the hill.
Let the mem­o­ries of so many souls, so good and true, 

be deeply hon­ored and remind us of how short the time
to be good and true our­selves, accord­ing to our sep­a­rate destinies
as per­sons and as nations; accord­ing to the per­ilous demands
of doing right things and the brief, pre­cious gifts of our work and our love.

Let us keep the door flung wide to wel­come remem­brance, sunlight
such as the world has nev­er seen, find­ing a vision and birthing
a noble truth beyond the com­bat between us and in us –
because we have final­ly learned the last mean­ing of their sacrifice.

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  • Beau­ti­ful prayer Dan!

    Your words made me weep.
    Your words made me smile.
    Your words filled me with hope. 

    Today I give appreciation
    I send appre­ci­a­tion to those who need it.
    I let it go and hope it finds it way to those who need to feel valued.

    Today I feel love. 

    I send love to those who need it.
    I let go and I hope it finds its home where love is needed.

    Today I feel compassion.

    I send com­pas­sion to those who need it.
    I let it go and hope it finds its home with­in those who have sac­ri­ficed on our behalf.

    Today I feel gratefulness.

    I send grat­i­tude to those who need it.
    I let go and hope it finds its way to those who need to be recognized.

    Today I feel peace.

    I send peace to those who need it.
    I let go and hope it finds its way to those who struggle. 

    Today I feel love, com­pas­sion, grat­i­tude and peace.

    My memo­r­i­al week­end is spent hon­or­ing those who have sac­ri­ficed for my freedom.

    Lead with Heart
    Lead From within

  • So love­ly, Lolly. 

    Thank you so much for leav­ing a heart-felt prayer of your own. 

    Per­haps oth­ers, read­ing it, might leave their own thoughts and prayers, too. This can be a place for many prayers. 

    Again, my great appre­ci­a­tion to you. 


  • Dan,
    Your poem is a beau­ti­ful prayer. I loved the wish: “Let the door be flung open with the noble truth … to take us beyond com­bat with each other.”

    If peo­ple could see that there is no short­age and live in the truth of abun­dance — col­lab­o­rate instead of com­pete — we could turn your prayer into a reality.

    Won­der­ful tim­ing for this beau­ti­ful poem.

    Heart­felt thanks,

  • Hoda Maalouf (@MaaHoda) wrote:

    Thank You Dan for this beau­ti­ful poem!!

    Kind­ly, let me share with you this Corel Draw­ing of mine. It’s a self-por­trait that I did many years back. Civ­il war start­ed in my coun­try when I was 10 years old. I moved to the UK at the age of 25 while the war still rag­ing. It affect­ed me so badly,that I hate to even think about it.

    Remem­ber­ing peo­ple who died for a noble rea­son or were vic­tims of oth­er peo­ple hatred; and, work­ing toward World Peace are sacred to me!


    War Zone by Hoda Maalouf

  • Kate —

    The truth of abun­dance…” Yes, it is so true, and it could be if our actions were sourced in a gen­uine­ly col­lab­o­ra­tive spirit. 

    Thank you so much for shar­ing here…It’s I who should offer the heart-felt thanks. 

    All the best

  • Hoda —

    What an amaz­ing por­trait, with eyes that explain so clear­ly the dev­as­ta­tions of war. Thank you for this incred­i­ble, deeply touch­ing gift to grace this post. You help us all see into the rea­son why we must all work for the ulti­mate peace. 

    Great grat­i­tude to you, Hoda~

  • My tears are filled with love, respect, humil­i­ty and gratitude.
    Let them flow and cause remem­brance of sacrifice.
    Let them be renew­al of thankfulness.
    Let my emo­tions be hon­est and pure.
    May I be deserving.
    May my indebt­ed­ness abound with grate­ful actions.
    Let them flow.
    Let them honor.
    ~ Ernest Sjö

  • Wow, sim­ply stun­ning, Ernest. Thank you for bless­ing this post with your words. This poem/prayer over­flows its banks!

    Best to you

  • Ernest,

    I agree with Dan and more.

    Tru­ly stun­ning words.

    I hon­or you!
    I am grate­ful for your pro­found way of express­ing your heart.


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