Addressing Your Own Leadership Blind Spots

I’ve posted a sequence of three videos to YouTube on addressing your own leadership blind spots. I felt using video might make this topic more direct and personal.

Blind spots are tough. We all have them and they can be challenging to root out — given especially that we often prefer others do their work before we do our own.

I’ve broken this material into three chunks — the total watch time is just over 33 minutes.

I have to say I found the process of making videos required new skills from me — ones I hope to develop and improve over time. Your feedback would be helpful to me, so please do leave comments either here or on the Youtube pages.

As part of my channel called Leadership Essentials, the first video defines what I mean by a leadership blind spot according to two vectors: the seriousness of the behavior and the resistance of a leader to address it.

Part I: What is a Blind Spot?

The second video defines the skills needed to address blind spots and identifies four kinds of feedback we need in order to learn more about them and discover alternative ways of thinking and acting.

Part II: Needed Feedback

The third video elaborates eight action principles that a leader can use to gather feedback and develop strategies for personal growth and change.

Part III: Action Principles

You can download the charts and visual aids used in these videos at this link (pdf).

I hope you find the these videos helpful to you!

The material, anyway, is very close to my heart.

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