This is What I Notice


This is what I notice:
a song I have never heard
from a bird at dusk
by a river I don’t remember.

Bird, dusk, song, river.
Then just river, the choir of stones
keeps the quiet going
waiting for the bird.

You and I at dusk
are also inseparable.
You lean down to touch
the face of the fern

beautiful as your own
lean down to listen
for the bird
still there by the river.

The bird sings less and less
as the quiet
that is always waiting
that is always dusk

grows down inside us
leans down inside us
toward the forest
we will always enter.

Inseparable river and bird.
This is what I notice.
This is the dusk that falls
on the river I don’t remember.

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  • Simply sublime, Dan! I just love it when you give voice to the poetry in your head. As with the ferryman in Siddartha, the river always beckons. Bird, dusk, river, song. Yes! Nature is our center, it is our primordial home, our social DNA. It is the space from which humanity springs. It is the antidote to cyberspace.

    Thank you, Dan. I hope you continue sharing these gems with us. You have the gift!

  • Many thanks, friend Karl!

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