One year I brought home a Christmas tree but it was too late to put it up, so I left it tied onto the top of my car. The next morning I came out to find a long boa of white feathers wound through the branches. Convinced it was angels who put it there, I saved it, winding it through the branches of every Christmas tree thereafter.


All this to say there is grace in life, mercy in it, if we allow it to unfold within our lives. After all, it is we at bottom who are these imagined trees — trees of Self. We decorate them with lights and magical ornaments to remind us of the magic within, putting a star or an angel at the top for good measure. We stand back to gaze at the beauty. And what beauty is it that we see?

Oh, sure, there’s all kinds of Christian and pagan myth here, the deeper archetypes revealed in the symbolic nature of trees, lights, solstice, and our ceremonies about them. Even the ceremony of consumption from a certain angle reflects the need we have to feel the gifts flowing from Self, from Source.

As Nick at Life 2.0 points out, everyday can be a kind of Christmas if the rebirth of unconditional love is constantly celebrated in the way we live our lives. As for me, I owe my life to a Guardian Angel or two…leaving me a feather boa.

Best of the season and many good wishes to all for a fabulous 2007.

I hold your journey in the Light.


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