David Zinger

David Zinger is a Canadian (please don’t hold this against him) with a keen interest in strength based leadership and employee engagement. You can read his blog on strength based leadership at: http://zingeronleadership.blogspot.com and his employee engagement blog at http://davidzinger.wordpress.com. David is also beginning to end his humor blog at: http://zingers.blogspot.com. Rather than contribute a poem from elsewhere, David wrote these 3 haikus after receiving a request to contribute to Dan’s project on Favorite Leadership Poems. The haikus are fresh off the keyboard but they have a “best before” date of April Fool’s Day.

David’s leadership hero is Don Quixote and he welcomes any and all Sancho Panzas to join him on his quest for authentic leadership and employee engagement.

Two Thumbs Up
Hey boss look at me
I’m balancing work – no hands
Your BlackBerry Thumbody.

Gladwell’s Iceberg
A titanic slip
In authentic leadership
Tip or blink or sink

Leadership Update: Web 3.14159…
Everyone all a Twitter
Bologna sandwich for lunch
But where is the beef?