Unfolding Leadership Poster

Every decent blog ought to have a poster that goes with it!

This is a gift to my readers. Thanks for your support!

The following poster versions can be downloaded and shared electronically (LoDef version) or physically printed and displayed (HiDef Version). The size of the HiDef poster is 36 inches by 18 inches.


Click on the poster to see a larger version

The poster is borderless (does not have a black edge). If you want to print out the HiDef poster for mounting, take a look at this site, which I believe is national with local outlets. They did a great, same-day job on printing, trimming, attaching to foam core, and sealing the poster. Click “Order Prints & Enlargements.” About $90 for printing and the other services I mentioned. Keep in mind that you will need to order the print on 36″ x 24″ paper, then have them trim white space away, using “Option 2” for trimming in their online ordering process.

LoDef Poster (1 MB)

HiDef Poster (8.8 MB)