A Place to Reflect

One purpose of this weblog is to offer a place to quietly reflect and find your own meanings. The following subpages




are environments that offer a place to briefly step outside the world. Perhaps you would just like a few minutes to clear your head or be distracted. Perhaps you would like to use this space and time for a little contemplation. Each page offers different images, a different stimulating quotation, and a different sound.

    When you enter one of these pages, you can first explore which images are most attractive to you. Click on the thumbnails to see them each as a larger image. You can also select them for full-screen view (via the icon on the lower right), seeing them as a slide show or clicking through the images using the hidden arrows on the right and left hand sides of the image. Return to the original thumbnails by pressing escape or by disabling the flash player.

If you like, start a sound background for the images by clicking the link beneath the images — once to show the player, a second time to begin the sound.

Staying with that image, you can ask yourself any question that comes to mind…and then listen quietly for your own inner wisdom. Meditative questions are most often about the self (not others), are open ended (can’t be answered with a simple yes or no), and are framed positively. For example, if you must choose between two jobs the question is not “Which job should I take?” Instead ask: “What work genuinely fulfills me?” As you learn the answer to that deeper inquiry your choice between jobs becomes easier.

Some powerful questions are listed below, but the best ones are the ones that simply emerge.

What is my vision?

What are my gifts?

How do I bring my full self to my work?

How do I unlock my passion?

What art guides my life?

What do I want?

What is my truth?

What profound path awaits me?

If you would like a little more information about the practice of self-reflection, you may wish to access this post.