David D. Horowitz

DAVID D. HOROWITZ founded and manages Rose Alley Press, which primarily publishes books featuring contemporary Northwest rhymed metrical poetry. His own poetry collections, from Rose Alley Press, are Stars Beyond the Battlesmoke; Wildfire, Candleflame; Resin from the Rain; and Streetlamp, Treetop, Star. Many of his poems have been published in fine literary journals, such as The Lyric, Candelabrum, and The New Formalist. He has had numerous essays published, most recently in the online journal Exterminating Angel. In 2005, David won the PoetsWest Achievement Award. In 2007, he edited, as well as published, the Rose Alley Press anthology: Limbs of the Pine, Peaks of the Range. David gives frequent readings in and around Seattle, where he lives. His Web site is www.rosealleypress.com.

Artist’s comment about this poem:

“Many investors and executives who focus on quarterly profits fail to appreciate that wealth creation depends on maintaining personal integrity. Deception and short-term cash-grabs undermine the trust necessary to induce the investment that creates wealth. Business people should never underestimate the importance of accountability.

Wall Street, 2008

Grin’s promise looted trust and hustled many
Gilt scams on fun’s installment plan,
Then loaded trust into its minivan
But dropped nicked dime and tarnished penny,
Torn five. Our firm now wobbles, teeters.
I scour want ads, hunt for honest leaders.

This work by David D. Horowitz has been selected as winner for April 2009 for best original leadership poem by the Unfolding Leadership weblog. For details on submission of original poems, please access the guidelines here.