Favorite Leadership Poems

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Poems of any kind represent what I would call visceral learning: they are about deep inward beliefs, feelings, and experiences. They speak to the power of “standing up in one’s own life” and encourage us through the profound collective power of our shared reflections. In this way they inform our own best vision of ourselves and our possibilities.

A good leadership poem may be about a leader or specifically address an important leadership quality, such as courage. But it can also be about anything that inspires us to lead, to trust who we are, to probe what it means be alive or to live for something larger than ourselves.

If you would like to submit a favorite leadership poem or collection of poems (no more than three) written by your favorite published poet/s, please email your material to me, including a brief description of who you are, what is particularly meaningful about the poem(s) you submit, and, a source link for each poem (e.g., Amazon). The source link is required for posting. Please also send a photo of yourself. Poems will appear only once in the collection.

See Sandra Sault Poulson’s page as an example. Use my email address to send your materials. Leave your thoughts about these poems through the comment form on each person’s page.

You are also invited to submit a poem or poems you have written yourself. If you wish to do so, please see the submission guidelines here.

For all of you who are looking for “leadership poems” on the web, you may also want to check out this book. Leading from Within, edited by Sam Intrator and Megan Scribner and published by Jossey-Bass, is an evocative collection of poems selected by leaders in a wide array of fields. Their stories and descriptions of why the poems are personally important is inspiring and challenges each of us to bring our best self to our own leadership work.

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