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Dan Oestreich, M.A., Reflective Leadership, Culture and Organizational Change Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

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High-performance organizations demand high- performance leadership, trust, and inclusion. Anything less is a source of "waste" and a loss of energy, a cost taken against every potential value an organization brings to its clients, an erosion of every positive benefit an organization brings to the world.

Leadership is not position or formal power. It is personal impact on others and creative, positive contribution, especially in those situations where there are unknown opportunities, stress, and negative history. There are a million contexts for effective leadership -- from corporate guidance to raising a child, from political change to writing a poem. And the first act of leadership is always the act of leading ourselves, attending scrupulously to the "self" that is a constantly evolving instrument of influence and enduring, sustainable change. The key to effective leadership is the practice of self-knowledge and continuous learning -- through feedback, awareness, choice, growth, and change. A leader is anyone who wants to use inner potentials to make a conscious and positive outer difference.

Trust is what brings together any enterprise. It is the opposite of control, and infinitely more powerful. It is the product of connection, inspiration, personal and organizational alignment. Without trust -- one on one, in teams, across a whole enterprise -- the energy of leaders is constantly about making others do what they do not want to do. With trust, leaders galvanize an organization for its possibilities with stunning results. Trust overcomes fear, defensiveness, cynicism, and apathy -- the harpies that destroy hope, meaningful action, and empowered execution.

Dan Oestreich

Oestreich Associates • Renton WA USA • 425-207-8034

Grasps the Culture • A Change Agent • A Great Coach

“Dan has developed and facilitated some great material for our leadership. Surveys of the leadership work done by Dan have scored the highest over seven other leadership events. He is awesome to work with, quickly grasps the culture and behavioral attributes in the organization and he is able to fully integrate and connect his material to the aspects of the culture and behavior you want strengthened or diminished. He is a change agent and can and does extend challenging questions to conversations that skirt the hard issues. Additionally, Dan is a great coach, is empathic yet able to hold you accountable. If you're looking for leadership development, a change agent, coach or OD consulting work Dan is the person to call.”

-- Bev Banks Director of Learning & Development, PEMCO Insurance, Seattle WA