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What do I want?

What do I want? That’s almost as powerful a question as “Who am I?” For when we don’t express what we want in a true and heart-felt way — first and foremost to ourselves — we lose a vital part of our joy in being exactly who we are. Ironically, in a society that over-values […]

The Sea

Recently I was in Puerto Rico for a couple of weeks. It is a magical and beautiful place. This is my favorite photograph of the trip, taken near Rincon on the western end of the island. Click it for a larger rendition. You might wonder how this image could be a favorite — it is […]

In the Mountains

My two most preferred intelligences, according to Howard Gardner’s model, are intrapersonal (self-reflective inner search) and naturalistic (appreciation and learning from natural forms). This means that when I want or need to think in creative ways, I like to look for wisdom both through my inner experiences and in places of outward natural beauty. This […]

Struggling to Find the Heart

struggling to find the heart many focusing on darkness won’t see won’t wait for a tiny bud of light won’t see how it gathers to itself shattering the whole huge black pearl at once how the sky explodes petal upon irreducible petal a mandala becomes a world a mirror a self yet if just a […]