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The Mutiny Against Our Conditioning

As adults we come up against facets of our­selves that we wish to change. Uncon­scious big­otry, for exam­ple, or cer­tain aspects of intro­ver­sion or exces­sive guilt, impa­tience or ego­cen­tric­i­ty — our weak­ness­es and the results of our “over-strengths.” Tak­ing on these chal­lenges sounds good and promis­es a desir­able trans­for­ma­tion but in real­i­ty also por­tends the […]

Of Love and Truth

I don’t want to make this too the­o­ret­i­cal or abstract. By love, I mean the whole range of things we do to show care for oth­ers, not attrac­tion or romance. By truth I mean the oppo­site of lies, decep­tion and cov­­er-ups, espe­cial­ly hav­ing to do with what we tell our­selves and oth­ers. So here’s a […]

If It’s Not a Clear Yes, It’s a No

If it’s not a clear yes, it’s a no. The phrase tests our clar­i­ty and com­mit­ment. It does­n’t apply in every sit­u­a­tion that might be answered, “maybe, maybe not.” Not every­thing can be or should be clear cut. But the phrase may have dis­tinc­tive val­ue when it is a way of ask­ing our­selves about situations […]

On Blind Spots

If you must be strong, you’ll react every time you see your­self being weak. You will stamp out weak­ness by being espe­cial­ly strong, dis­play­ing what your strength looks like so even you can see it. This may well have side effects, includ­ing look­ing espe­cial­ly weak and self-cen­tered as you beat up on oth­ers. If you […]