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On Insecurity

A fair num­ber of my clients — man­agers and exec­u­tives — at some point in our work togeth­er express inse­cu­ri­ty. This takes many dif­fer­ent forms, from won­der­ing about their val­ue as lead­ers to wor­ry­ing they are imposters to a clear avoid­ance of tough top­ics or evi­dent con­flicts in their rela­tion­ships. It comes through as a […]

What Are You Called To?

Per­haps there is only one impor­tant lead­er­ship ques­tion: “What are you called to?” Fin­ish that ques­tion any­way you like — what are you called to do, what are you called to be? Either way the word, “called,” implies a cer­tain kind of intu­itive depth, a cer­tain way of being. So much of the atten­tion seems to […]

Moving Toward Wholeness

Not long ago my friend, Ed Batista tweet­ed that he felt inspired by how I had con­nect­ed lead­er­ship to psy­cho­log­i­cal whole­ness in a recent post. That was very kind, and it also plant­ed a seed. I’ve writ­ten before about what I think whole­ness is for lead­ers, but look­ing back to that 2011 post, I was disappointed […]

On Abuse of Human Freedom

I asked that div­ina­tion tool, The I Ching (The Book of Changes) what to do in the wake of last week’s shock­ing elec­tion results. It told me first to keep still (Hexa­gram 52. Kên | Keep­ing Still, Moun­tain) for awhile, with move­ment in the sec­ond line, sug­gest­ing there is an unstop­pable tra­jec­to­ry to the situation, […]