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On Worthiness

In many ways, wor­thi­ness is the very first and the very last top­ic of lead­er­ship. From the start a leader is some­one who is con­cerned with know­ing and rely­ing upon his or her self-val­ue. With­out it the per­son who wants to lead, to cre­ate change, to bring peo­ple togeth­er around a new idea or movement […]

Demons and Angels

In a world of prof­fered quick fix­es — do these four things, take on these five steps — all hon­or goes to the leader who ignores super­fi­cial wis­dom and takes on the real task, the inner demon, the one that has been there all along.  This demon, of course, is some aspect of self, and we […]

Small World

In response to a request from long-time blog­ger, Miguel Guh­lin, I’ve been asked to write some­thing as part of a meme on “how blog­ging has rocked your world.” If you are inter­est­ed in con­tribut­ing your own sto­ry, check out the link to the meme on Miguel’s web­site. I’ve been blog­ging since 2004, being encour­aged by […]

A Circular Concept of Leadership

In a com­ment on my last post, Flor Fer­nan­dez Bar­rios talked about med­i­cine wheels: – Native-Amer­i­­cans have the con­cept of the med­i­cine Wheel, the great cir­cle of life based on the car­di­nal direc­tions. Every posi­ition has equal pow­er and unique teach­ings. The essence of life is move­ment and as we move through the wheel we […]