No I haven’t given up on blogging. Just taking a break and incredibly busy with clients and with life.

Love and light to you all…


  • Hey friend, a ping in my feed reader just made me smile. 🙂

    Great to hear this. You had better be enjoying yourself.


  • Glad to see you in blog-o-sphere, Dan. Hope all is well.


  • Whew! I was smiling along with Nick and Dean, feeds are so great that way, giving us some comfortable space so we don’t pressure each other, but letting us know when we can say hello again!

    Your archives are so rich Dan, and your time away is ours to catch up with them too, so be well in your busy-ness and take the time you need for you.
    Aloha kaua e, ~Rosa

  • Hi Dan! another cheer here for feed readers!

    I too am glad to see you pop your head out, and am sending you warm hugs and summertime wishes. love, Christy

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