Among Contradictory Ridges

My good friend, Joe McCarthy sent me a few lines from one of my favorite poets, William Stafford. It turns out you can make such things into posters. Click on it to make it a bit larg­er if you like.

In these or any oth­er times, Stafford’s mes­sage speaks for itself. As I wrote to Joe this morn­ing, the deci­sions seem to be 51/49, not 90/10 or 80/20 as they did in the past. 

And the mir­rors just keep on coming.

PS: Speak­ing of posters, I’ve made one to cel­e­brate the Unfold­ing Lead­er­ship blog. Please feel free to down­load the poster right here.

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  • Dan:

    Thanks for the refram­ing / enhance­ment of Stafford’s inspir­ing lines! 

    Regard­ing your 51/49 obser­va­tion, I’ve been groov­ing on Bon­nie Raitt tonight, and just heard some lyrics (from the song “Crooked Crown”) that resonate:

    My prodi­gy and my idiot play
    for the prize of my del­i­cate line
    some­how the score at the end of
    the day is still 51–49

    And, relat­ing more to the theme of Stafford’s lines, I was rel­ish­ing the lyrics from “I will not be bro­ken” as I approach the next crescen­do of knowing:

    Pull me round
    Push me to the limit
    Maybe I may bend
    But I know where I’m not going
    I will not be broken

  • Thanks, Joe. Seems like Stafford’s lines con­nect everywhere!

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