Among Contradictory Ridges

My good friend, Joe McCarthy sent me a few lines from one of my favorite poets, William Stafford. It turns out you can make such things into posters. Click on it to make it a bit larger if you like.

In these or any other times, Stafford’s message speaks for itself. As I wrote to Joe this morning, the decisions seem to be 51/49, not 90/10 or 80/20 as they did in the past.

And the mirrors just keep on coming.

PS: Speaking of posters, I’ve made one to celebrate the Unfolding Leadership blog. Please feel free to download the poster right here.

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  • Dan:

    Thanks for the reframing / enhancement of Stafford’s inspiring lines!

    Regarding your 51/49 observation, I’ve been grooving on Bonnie Raitt tonight, and just heard some lyrics (from the song “Crooked Crown”) that resonate:

    My prodigy and my idiot play
    for the prize of my delicate line
    somehow the score at the end of
    the day is still 51-49

    And, relating more to the theme of Stafford’s lines, I was relishing the lyrics from “I will not be broken” as I approach the next crescendo of knowing:

    Pull me round
    Push me to the limit
    Maybe I may bend
    But I know where I’m not going
    I will not be broken

  • Thanks, Joe. Seems like Stafford’s lines connect everywhere!

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