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A Visit to the Dentist

I went to a periodontist to have a tooth removed. It was clear I was entering a business. There were multiple indications, mostly communicated via legal forms denying me recourse if the doctor screwed up, and several other forms focused on the money I’d owe if insurance didn’t pay. The place was cool and efficient. […]

Repair of the Soul

For a number of years I co-facilitated a leadership workshop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One day wandering through that small town, one of my facilitator colleagues found some t-shirts for the three of us. On the front they were emblazoned with the words, “Soul Repair” and “Rejuvenation of Spirit” written in large letters above and […]

Leadership and Shame

Shame is that terrible emotion that isolates us in a particularly nasty way. To experience shame is to be condemned and, in part at least, it is we who are doing the condemning. In the end the experience just leaves us to hurt. Brené Brown, the writer, speaker and researcher currently most associated with the […]

Little Behavior, Big Impact

I’m always amazed at how we make meaning out of others’ behaviors — even, and maybe especially, the little stuff. I worked with a manager once who had a bad habit of not completing email threads. You know, that last confirming “Thanks, I’ll see you then,” or “Okay, I’ve got the document. I’ll take a […]