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Three Spirits

I used to muse with my friend Tom Fur­ness, founder of the Human Inter­face Tech­nol­o­gy Lab, about an imag­i­nary Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty app. The idea would be to put on a VR hel­met to par­tic­i­pate a jour­ney of spir­i­tu­al awak­en­ing. My thoughts nev­er went very far with this idea, except to hold some vague imagery: immersion […]

The Darkness Is Not Yet Complete

I am dis­ap­point­ed in our coun­try. Focused on win­ning, it is in fact filled with the defeat of our democ­ra­cy. I admit, because it often just seems so hope­less attempt­ing to cross the divide, I find myself resist­ing polit­i­cal argu­ments and exchanges. George Lakof­f’s descrip­tion of the con­ser­v­a­tive moral hier­ar­chy is enough of an explanation […]

The Greater Journey

If lead­er­ship is about any­thing, it’s about over­com­ing obsta­cles, both exter­nal and inter­nal. Of the two, the inter­nal ones are often tougher because they require self-knowl­­edge and ini­tia­tive: a stren­u­ous demand for per­son­al growth and change. The irony is that we can know a great deal about these inter­nal chal­lenges, such as lack of confidence, […]

Be” First, Then Decide What to “Do”

Dur­ing my career as a lead­er­ship con­sul­tant and coach I’ve lis­tened many times as a client leader has admit­ted some self-per­­ceived fail­ing. Jerome’s heart­felt “confession” was one of these moments. He sheep­ish­ly told me there was some­one who report­ed to him who intim­i­dat­ed him, a man­ag­er who seemed to be “much faster intel­lec­tu­al­ly” and “more […]