Wall Street, 2008

Wall Street, 2008

Grin’s promise loot­ed trust and hus­tled many
Gilt scams on fun’s install­ment plan,
Then loaded trust into its minivan
But dropped nicked dime and tar­nished penny,
Torn five. Our firm now wob­bles, teeters.
I scour want ads, hunt for hon­est leaders.

–David D. Horowitz

This work by David D. Horowitz has been select­ed as win­ner for April 2009 by the Unfold­ing Lead­er­ship weblog for best orig­i­nal lead­er­ship poem. For more infor­ma­tion about David D. Horowitz and his artist’s state­ment about “Wall Street, 2008,” please see his page under the Favorite Lead­er­ship Poems sec­tion of this site. For details on sub­mis­sion of orig­i­nal poems, please access the guide­lines here.

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