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On Insecurity

A fair num­ber of my clients — man­agers and exec­u­tives — at some point in our work togeth­er express inse­cu­ri­ty. This takes many dif­fer­ent forms, from won­der­ing about their val­ue as lead­ers to wor­ry­ing they are imposters to a clear avoid­ance of tough top­ics or evi­dent con­flicts in their rela­tion­ships. It comes through as a […]

The Darkness Is Not Yet Complete

I am dis­ap­point­ed in our coun­try. Focused on win­ning, it is in fact filled with the defeat of our democ­ra­cy. I admit, because it often just seems so hope­less attempt­ing to cross the divide, I find myself resist­ing polit­i­cal argu­ments and exchanges. George Lakof­f’s descrip­tion of the con­ser­v­a­tive moral hier­ar­chy is enough of an explanation […]

The Tender Spot

I am design­ing a new lead­er­ship work­shop and recent­ly I asked a friend and col­league for some feed­back about the design. As we reviewed the mate­ri­als and exer­cis­es, he stopped at one point and said, “I think you are going too fast here. What you are ask­ing peo­ple to share about them­selves in this part […]

The Politics of Contempt

All you have to do these days is read just about any polit­i­cal post — say on Face­book if not some oth­er favorite web­site –and then go to the com­ments sec­tion: Per­son A: “Per­son B, what a liar! You should be forced to prove your accu­sa­tion. Peo­ple like you are ene­mies of the state” Per­son C: […]